The athleisure trend, which is a combination of athletic and leisure clothing, has been around for a few years now, and shows no signs of disappearing. It came about around the same time that more and more people started taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle, as this meant that they needed functional clothing that could cater to their new needs.

While athleisure clothing may make sense for many, this is a trend that has now spilled over into the beauty industry. An increasing number of brands are now producing athleisure makeup lines. The question is, are these really needed, or is athleisure makeup nothing more than marketing hype?

What is Athleisure Makeup?  

When you take a first look at some of the athleisure makeup lines out there, the products definitely do seem tempting.

They also seem to have a justified reasoning behind them. After all, your skin does change when you exercise. Not only do you sweat, but your pores open up and your skin heats up, all of which can be a nightmare when combined with makeup.

Athleisure makeup lines promise to counter all of what's not to love?

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How Exactly is Athleisure Makeup Different?

With promises of keeping your face looking flawless while you work out, you would expect athleisure makeup products to feature unique formulations.

However, this isn't usually the case...

The key aspect of athleisure makeup is that it needs to be waterproof. However, waterproof makeup formulas have been around since the 1940's, so they really are nothing new.

Not only that, but many of the waterproof formulas out there, such as that of the highlighter in the new Puma x Maybelline collection, feature the exact same ingredients as their standard versions. The only difference would be in the quantities of the ingredients used, as well as the colors.

How about the tinted athleisure makeup products that promise to counter the redness that many experience when working out?

Again, tinted makeup is nothing new. All you need is a color correcting product in a green or yellow shade to help reduce the appearance of redness.

When it comes to the athleisure makeup products that claim to cool the skin down...

These feature cooling, skin-soothing ingredients, such as cucumber extract. These ingredients can be found in a multitude of cosmetic products – look for those that are labeled as being anti-inflammatory.

Many athleisure makeup lines also feature packaging that is smaller and more lightweight. These are designed to fit into a gym bag more easily, and there is a focus on portability. However, many of these brands also already produce travel-sized products, and these will usually fit into a gym bag just fine.

So, surely there must be something else that sets athleisure makeup apart?

This is what most consumers believe, but athleisure makeup isn't really anything different.

Wearing Makeup While Working Out

Most dermatologists would recommend that you have a completely clean face when working out. This enables your pores to properly breathe, without any makeup products getting in the way.

However, that advice tends to apply more to the products that you would apply onto your face, such as foundations, concealers, blushes, and highlighters.

There are other products that you could still use while working out without causing any damage to your skin. A simple waterproof mascara will give your eyes some extra definition, and if you don't plan on sweating too much, water-resistant may be all you need.

Tubing masaras are also popular with those who exercise frequently. These form a tube over each eyelash, which you then later remove with a small amount of pressure and some warm water. Studies show that, even after sweating for an hour, tubing mascara tends to stay put.

As mentioned earlier, tinted makeup can be useful when working out, and so can cosmetics that contain SPF for sun protection, especially if you tend to exercise outdoors. A setting spray is another useful product for keeping all of your makeup in place. Many of these also contain added nutrients and antioxidants to keep your skin even happier.

With the athleisure sector of the fashion industry predicted to be worth just under $100 billion in 2020, it shouldn't really be surprising that so many beauty brands are trying to get in on the action too. Athleisure consumers are a rising demographic, so it only makes sense to re-market certain products towards them.

However, with athleisure makeup products not being any different to their standard counterparts, it would seem as though the athleisure makeup trend is nothing more than a clever marketing tactic. Rather than buying into these collections, look for individual products that meet your skin's requirements instead, even if you plan on using them while working out.

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