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Looking for some lipstick bargains? This special section of the BH Cosmetics online shop is where you will find lipsticks on sale. Whether you’re looking for a nude matte lipstick, a glossy red liquid lipstick, or a professional lip bundle, this huge sale features some of our favorite products, and it won’t be long before they’re a favorite of yours too.

Treat Your Lips to Some New Color

Go on, you deserve it! If you’ve been contemplating the idea of trying something bolder than average with your lips, now’s your chance. Go dark and mysterious with the moisturizing BH Cosmetics Color Lock lipsticks for sale - Rapture and Seduction are two dramatic shades that professional makeup artists love. If you prefer liquid lipstick formulas, shop the BH Liquid Lipstick in Icon - it dries to a soft matte finish, which helps to tone down the darkness of the shade.

Metallic Lips

Metallic makeup is a popular cosmetics trend that the lips can pull off really well, and you’ll find several metallic lipstick products in this huge sale. Try Lucinda for a vivid purple, Esmeralda for a shimmering blue, or Lucy for a statement-making red lipstick. These exclusive shades are perfect for creating an intense, high-fashion look, making them worth a buy. If you’ve never worn such bold lipstick shades before, the key to pulling them off in a casual look is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Some foundation and mascara, and maybe also a touch of a highlighter product, are all you need to complement your eye-catching lips. You will find all of these extras on the BH Cosmetics shop too, with a simple process for ordering online.

The Glossy Look

You may also notice a few different lip gloss products on sale, and you’ll sometimes see our lip primer here too - these are must-haves in every makeup kit. A good lip gloss can be used on its own for a casual day look, or layered over the top of a highly-pigmented liquid lipstick to add an intense shine. The High Shine Lip Gloss Duo products are perfect for adjusting how much gloss you want on your lips, with the option of adding some extra sparkle too. Don’t forget to pair your new lipstick with our Waterproof Lip Liner to help your lips pop even more. Ideally, the color of your lip liner should match the color of your lipstick, which is why it’s always worth shopping for a few extra shades whenever you happen to see lipsticks on sale.

Don’t be afraid to go for something new and unexpected when browsing the online lipstick sales available on the BH Cosmetics shop. Feel inspired by your makeup and order something that encourages you to be creative with your beauty choices! These lipstick offers won’t be available forever, so checkout soon to ensure that you don’t miss out on an amazing deal!