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Want to add some sparkle to your beauty look? The selection of glitter makeup products from the BH Cosmetics shop is everything you need. Makeup glitter has been a huge beauty trend lately - while many used to only associate it with Christmas parties, this is something that can be enjoyed no matter the season. Whether you go with eyelid glitter powders, a subtle eyebrow shimmer product, a glossy glitter for your lips, or a sprinkling of glitter on your hair, BH Cosmetics sells a rainbow of different glitter styles and colors that are perfect for every type of look.

Get Started with Glitter Makeup

Ready to get started with your fabulous new makeup glitter beauty look? Don’t forget to prep your skin first. A cleanser is a must to keep your face clean and smooth. It will give you a fresh blank canvas to then apply your glitter to.

Glitter eyeshadow is one of the most popular glitter beauty styles out there. This look is surprisingly easy to successfully achieve… so long as you have the right glitter! High quality and high performance is key when choosing a glitter for use around the eyes. This is exactly why BH Cosmetics created the Diamond Dazzlers Loose Foil Pigment. These specially-coated pigments can be used to amp up the glam when it comes to your favorite beauty looks, be it the classic cat eye or the sultry smokey eye. With several colors to choose from, these glitter pigments also make the perfect gift for beauty lovers who prefer some sparkle.

How Does Makeup Glitter Stick to the Skin?

Wondering how the glitter pigments will stick to your skin? You will need a glitter adhesive, such as the BH Cosmetics Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue. This product has a cream formula that dries clear, locking makeup glitter into place. Simply apply the glue and then tap the glitter in, either with your finger or our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator for a more professional finish. Don’t be tempted to rub the glitter onto your skin - placement will be much more accurate if you dab instead of rub.

Makeup Glitter for the Lips

Glitter on the lips is another fun trend, and our Glitter Collection Loose Glitter is perfect for this. From the classic metallic shades of gold and silver to shamrock green and spiced pumpkin to a gorgeous vibrant violet and pink, there are a rainbow of colors to choose from. Each one has a high-shine effect for a dazzling finish. You can either purchase them individually or go for the Royal Affair Glitter Set. This is a 3-piece set featuring some brand new colors guaranteed to impress. This makeup glitter can be worn on both the face and the body for a head-to-toe sparkle.

The Glitter Blood Red Glitter Gel is another show-stopping product that is perfect for the ultra-reflective lips. It dries in just 10 seconds, and can also be used on the rest of your face. Either apply it over the top of your foundation or mix it in with other makeup glitter products for the ultimate sparkle. Whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for a gift for a loved one, this super-versatile gel provides great value, giving you the opportunity to add even more to your shopping cart.

Face and Body Makeup Glitter

Another easy-to-apply makeup glitter option for both the face and the body is the OMG Glitter! Face & Body Gel. This gel makeup glitter formula easily glides onto the skin and dries quickly, giving you instant sparkle. To make an even bigger statement, try the OMG Glitter! Chunky Face & Body Gel. This product features larger glitter particles, which catch more light to produce even more of a glimmer. Again, this can be applied on hair too, including your brows, without the need for a glitter primer. This product is also available in limited edition metallic glitter festive shades - perfect for adding a professional shimmer to all of your holiday looks.

Can Glitter Be Used on Hair?

Of course! Glam up your brows, lashes, or your hair with a dusting of glitter. A large body brush is great for applying makeup glitter to bigger areas. Don’t forget, all of the products in the BH Cosmetics retail shop are at an affordable price, are 100% vegan, and are loved by so many. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews on our website.

Professional Makeup Glitter Tips

Here are some top tips from professional makeup artists to help you take your makeup glitter to the next level.

Keep Your Makeup Tonal

Glitter makeup can be worn on its own, but it adds such an iridescent shimmer when combined with other beauty products. Many are afraid to experiment with glitter, thinking that it will make their look seem over-the-top, but this all comes down to clever styling. One top tip from celebrity makeup artists is to stick to one overall color when using makeup glitter, keeping your look tonal. For example, a bronze glitter would work well with a similar eyeshadow shade on your eyelids, along with a dusting of bronzer on your cheeks.

Give Glittery Brows a Try

If you want to go for a glittery brow look, begin by brushing your eyebrows into place. Use a makeup brush to coat each brow in glitter adhesive, before dabbing your makeup glitter over the top of this. It helps to hold some tissue underneath each brow while doing this, so that any excess glitter will neatly fall onto it, rather than sticking to the skin on your face. You can then use a spoolie brush to comb through your brows, ensuring that the glitter spreads through evenly - maximum coverage is always a hit with this beauty look!

Always Use Quality Makeup Brushes

For a professional finish, make sure that you are using a quality makeup brush when creating your look. These will effectively pick up and distribute whichever glitter makeup product you happen to be using. The BH Cosmetics makeup brush sets are perfect for this. Many of these come with their own special carry bag too, making it easy to keep all of your tools organized. Don't forget to give your face a spritz with a setting spray once you are done - this will help to hold your makeup glitter in place for the entire day or night!

How to Remove Makeup Glitter

Worried that it might be difficult to remove glitter makeup when cleansing your skin at night? So long as you have used a dedicated glitter adhesive, your glitter makeup should just wash right off, especially if you use an oil-based cleanser. Coconut oil, along with other plant seed oils, also work like magic when it comes to glitter makeup removal. Of course, a few stubborn specks of glitter may refuse to budge. Don’t worry - all you need to do is gently press a bit of sticky tape onto your skin. This should remove every last sparkle. Follow up with a layer of face moisturizer or body butter to keep your skin soothed and happy. If you’ve applied your makeup glitter to your hair, a shower with a quality shampoo and conditioner will be enough to remove that sparkle.

Wondering if you can save some money and go to a craft retail store to purchase some glitter instead? This may sound tempting, but the answer is no. You should only ever use cosmetic-grade glitter on your skin as anything else may lead to irritation.. This could then lead to a number of different skin problems. Your beauty looks deserve the best, which is why BH Cosmetics makeup glitter is the top choice among industry professionals.

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